Supercharge Your Online Learning Experience

Memory Maps is a software-based learning tool that implements the most effective learning strategies so you can make every course count.

"Memory Maps represents a paradigm shift. This software is going to change our definition of human potential!"
Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad
8x World Memory Champion (Team)
“Memory Maps makes online learning fast and efficient for busy people like me!”
Irys Placida Kornbluth
“I’m always having to learn new technologies for my career. Memory Maps makes it incredibly easy!”
Darryl Balderas
Senior Machine Learning DevOps Engineer @ Rivian

An Instant Upgrade to Your Learning Abilities

Memory Maps embeds the most effective metacognitive learning strategies directly into its learning workflow so you can work smarter with little to no learning curve. Ace your certification exams, upskill, or just expand your understanding for fun. Complete courses in record time and with confidence that your understanding will optimally support real world abilities.

Powerful Memory Techniques Built Into Software

Experience the power of the memory palace technique reimagined for the digital age to retain knowledge at the front of your mind. Quickly create personally tailored mnemonics with the help of AI, lock in concepts to long-term memory with integrated spaced repetition recall practice, and develop the memory performance you need for rapid skill mastery. 

Use With All Your Favorite Learning Platforms

Open any of your favorite web-based learning material directly in Memory Maps and start transforming lesson insights into the ingrained memory needed to directly support rapid skill acquisition. Alternatively, use Memory Maps with any non-digital source material or as a traditional note-taking app to capture your thoughts – the flexibility and control is all yours.

Your Entire Knowledge Base at a Glance

Enjoy an unparalleled personal knowledge base experience that uniquely grows with you by capturing the full breadth of context around your learning process (not just the ideas). Mentally refresh what you’ve previously learned faster and more thoroughly than you thought possible. At a glance, experience the astonishment of remembering everything you’ve ever studied. 

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